Dental Cleanings and Deep Cleanings

At Shiflett Family Dental, we believe in prevention. Having a consistent plan to maintain your oral health is essential for the deterrence of many diseases within and outside of your mouth.

It is recommended that you have a professional cleaning every 6 months, and in some cases more often, in order to keep your mouth, teeth, and gums healthy and strong. Our skilled team looks forward to helping you schedule your dental cleaning in Columbus, OH.

Why Do I Need a Cleaning?

Our mouths are full of bacteria. Many of the bacteria located in our mouths are beneficial, but some can cause oral diseases to arise. Within a matter of hours, bacteria can combine with other substances in your mouth to form a sticky film called plaque.

Over time, this plaque can harden into tartar (referred to as calculus) and become very difficult to remove. This process takes place even if you are excellent at brushing and flossing, and a trained dental hygienist becomes necessary to remove these deposits.

If these deposits aren’t removed, the bacteria in the plaque and tartar will cause inflammation of your gums and surrounding tissues. This inflammation will cause the supporting bone around your teeth to break down, eventually resulting in tooth loss. This inflammation and bone loss is referred to as periodontal disease, and is an extremely prevalent problem among the population.

Preventive Care

Removing troublesome bacteria, plaque, and calculus is only one way a dental cleaning helps prevent future problems. Along with your cleaning, the team at Shiflett Family Dental in Clintonville will take x-rays periodically. This allows Dr. Shiflett to see in between your teeth and catch potential cavities early. With changes in diet and oral hygiene, we can possibly stop these early cavities from requiring fillings or more expensive treatment.

Dr. Shiflett will also perform a thorough exam of your entire mouth, checking for signs of other common and uncommon oral diseases. With every cleaning, your dentist will complete an oral cancer screening to check for any suspicious areas. While rare, oral cancer is very serious and early detection is key. Catching potential cancer near the beginning of its formation makes a complete recovery much more likely.

Deep Cleanings (Scaling and Root Planing)

Dr. Shiflett and the hygienists at Shiflett Family Dental check the health of your gums at every visit to our office in Clintonville. When your gums have pockets that become too deep and impossible for you to clean on your own, we recommend a deep cleaning (called scaling and root planning).

These deep pockets mean that inflammation from plaque and tartar has caused bone loss (referred to as periodontal disease) and that it will continue if no treatment is done. Bone loss will eventually lead to tooth loss and expensive treatment to replace the missing teeth, so it is extremely important to follow up with a deep cleaning in Columbus, OH.

For a deep cleaning, it is necessary for us to numb the areas we will be working on to ensure your comfort. While you are comfortable, our hygienists will remove the tartar and plaque-causing your periodontal disease. After the procedure is complete, the team at Shiflett Family Dental will see you to evaluate how well your gums have responded.  In a lot of cases, we will recommend that you return or a professional cleaning every three to four months to make sure the periodontal disease remains under control.

Let us help you prevent future problems by scheduling a dental cleaning with one of our skilled hygienists today!