Tooth Extractions

We understand that having a tooth removed (called an extraction) can be very scary to think about.

At Shiflett Family Dental, though, we often find that the worst part of a tooth extraction for our patients is the anticipation beforehand. With modern anesthetics, instruments, and techniques, Dr. Shiflett is able to remove teeth quickly and comfortably, getting you back to your daily routine.

Why Do I Need a Tooth Extraction?

Extractions are performed when teeth are broken, decayed, or infected. At Shiflett Family Dental in Clintonville, we prefer to hold onto your natural teeth as much as possible. However, in some cases, saving a tooth is not in your best interest.

When teeth do not have enough remaining for us to fix it predictably, or when your goals do not align with keeping a broken down tooth, patients choose to have the tooth removed. It is a straightforward process with today’s technologies, and healing time for your mouth is very quick.

What If I am Afraid or Have Dental Anxiety?

Fear of dental procedures is very common, especially for treatment like extractions or root canals. At Shiflett Family Dental, we offer patients oral medication and other aids to help you relax for the procedure. The majority of our patients do well without these aids, but those who need them are very thankful for the offer.

Dr. Shiflett also takes time to walk you through each step to make you more at ease, and he is efficient and quiet if that makes you more comfortable.

Now That My Tooth Is Gone, How Can I Replace It?

There are many problems caused by a missing tooth. The most obvious is that your ability to eat and chew in that area is immediately diminished or absent. Additionally, the teeth on either side, as well as the opposing tooth, can tip to move into that space, making replacing the tooth difficult or nearly impossible. This also makes it a challenge to maintain your oral hygiene, possibly leading to periodontal disease or cavities.

When a tooth is missing, the remaining teeth must take on the additional force when chewing, eating, or speaking. The added force on these teeth will begin to break them down over time, especially if they have already been compromised by dental disease in the past. This can create a domino effect, leading to more tooth loss and more expensive dental treatment. That’s why, even if you are missing a single tooth, it is important to replace teeth as soon as possible.

There are several options for replacing missing teeth listed below. Each option is a link that will take you to a page where you can learn more about the specifics. Dr. Shiflett and the whole dental team in Clintonville will walk you through the options and help you develop a plan to replace your missing teeth so you can get back to laughing, talking, and smiling like before!

To learn more about tooth extractions in Columbus, OH, or to schedule an appointment, call our dental office at (614)262-1807.