Full and Partial Dentures

There are many options in today’s dental world for replacing lost or missing teeth. Full dentures (for those missing all of their teeth) and partial dentures (for those missing one or a few teeth) are a couple of those options. There are pros and cons for each available treatment, and the team at Shiflett Family Dental in Clintonville will help you sort out what fits your situation best.

Missing a Few Teeth?

If you are missing multiple teeth, but not all of them, a partial denture is one treatment available to you. A partial denture replaces multiple teeth at once with a removable device that you take in and out of your mouth. It contains a metal or plastic frame that supports the replacement teeth. There are hooks (referred to as clasps) that help hold the partial in place and provide stability.

Partial dentures are the most economical option for replacing a few teeth, and many patients are happy with how they look, feel, and function. They are not without their flaws, however. Although less expensive, they do not provide stability, chewing efficiency, or natural look that implants or bridges can offer.

Dr. Shiflett will be sure to spend time explaining the pros and cons of partial dentures along with the other treatment choices. Every individual has different expectations and goals for their treatment, and Shiflett Family Dental will make sure yours can align with your budget.

Need to Replace All of Your Teeth?

If you do not have any teeth or need to replace all of them, a full denture could be your best option. A full denture is very similar to a partial denture, but it does not contain a stabilizing frame. It is an acrylic device that you remove from your mouth every night before bed. It has acrylic gums and teeth that we select and shade based on your mouth and your preferences.

Many patients are happy with complete dentures in Columbus, OH, and can adjust to wearing them over some time. Modern materials have made dentures more comfortable and lifelike than ever, and Dr. Shiflett will take the time to make sure you are happy with the color and fit of yours.

There is nothing that makes us happier than giving a patient a bright, fresh smile and a new outlook on life!

Help! My Dentures Are Loose!

Do you have ill-fitting dentures that are loose and limit your diet and speech? If so, the team at Shiflett Family Dental has a solution for you.

When teeth are missing or lost, the jawbone that was once supporting them slowly begins to shrink. A denture uses this jaw bone for support and stability. If this bone is minimal or absent, you may have a loose, problematic denture.

If there is some bone remaining, Dr. Shiflett may be able to remake the inside of your denture to fit the changed bone structure (called a denture reline). If the bone has remodeled to a more significant point,  we can still stabilize the denture with dental implants. Dental implants will provide an anchor point for your dentures, allowing you to speak, chew, and function more effectively. To put it mildly, implants can be a real game-changer.

If a consult with your Clintonville dentist deems you a candidate for implant-supported dentures, we can walk you through the process and various options. Dentures can remain removable, clipping into gaskets on the implants.

We can also design your dentures to lock into your implants, meaning you do not have to remove them daily. The only time we remove these fixed dentures is when you come in for your 6-month cleaning appointment. It is truly amazing what advancements in dentistry have allowed us to accomplish.

To have your questions about full and partial dentures in Columbus, OH answered, contact our knowledgeable team at (610)-262-1807.