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Everything You Need to Know about Dentures

May 25, 2021
Posted By: Shiflett Family Dental
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Dentures offer many of our patients in the Columbus area a great option for replacing their missing teeth. Customized dentures provide a good fit and a comfortable feel, so patients can enjoy the benefits of having a complete, beautiful smile again. They also offer patients an economical tooth replacement option. 

What Are Dentures Made Of?

Dentures in Columbus, OH come in various materials and styles, which is fantastic for patients because it means there is usually an option available to suit their specific situation. 

The dentures themselves are most often made with acrylic, resin, or porcelain. The denture frame may have metal or plastic materials, or a mixture of both. Due to their materials, they generally aren’t as durable as other tooth replacements, like dental implants or bridges, but they do come at a lower price tag for most patients.

What Is a Partial Denture?

A partial denture replaces some, but not all, of your missing teeth. Partial dentures are ideal for patients who have some missing teeth but don’t need to replace an entire arch.  At Shiflett Family Dental, we provide partial dentures to patients that they can remove from their mouth when needed, which is another benefit to many people. 

How Much Does a Full Set of Dentures Cost?

The cost for dentures will vary depending on your dental situation and the quality of your dentures. We will have to factor in your current oral health situation and the work required to prepare your mouth for dentures. For example, some patients may require tooth extraction to prep their mouth to receive custom dentures.

The cost will also depend on whether you need full or partial dentures to complete your smile. Full dentures cost patients more than partial dentures in most cases.

Overall, most patients find dentures affordable and within budget as a tooth replacement option, and the benefits of having a complete smile outweigh the costs.

For affordable dentures in Columbus, OH, reach out to our team today. We accept a variety of payment methods, and we will do our best to plan your treatment in a way that meets your budget.

Discover Dentures in Columbus, OH

Whether you need partial dentures in Columbus, OH, or complete dentures, our expert team of dental professionals can help. Call us now to schedule your appointment with Dr. Shiflett or Dr. Ralston so you can enjoy the better oral health and aesthetics that dentures provide.

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