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At Shiflett Family Dental, we aim to offer our patients the best quality dental treatment available. At our office in Columbus, OH, our goal is to give patients superior dental treatment that is both exceptional and efficient. To do this, we often need to remain at the forefront of new technologies and innovations in the dental industry. Dr. Shiflett attends many continuing education courses to keep up with the latest and greatest in the dental field, which means he can provide modern dental care for your entire family.

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Digital X-Rays

One of the most significant advances in the dental field has been digital x-rays. Digital films are much sharper and more precise than their traditional counterparts, meaning Dr. Shiflett can catch issues earlier in the process. This early detection can save you time and money by delaying or even preventing a costly dental procedure.  

Another benefit of digital x-rays in Columbus, OH is the amount of radiation they require. Digital images expose you to a minimal amount of radiation compared to traditional films, meaning they are the safest way to get our doctors the information they need.

Intraoral Camera

At Shiflett Family Dental, we are also pleased to serve our patients with intraoral cameras. These cameras are great educational tools since they effectively allow our patients to see what we see.

By getting a peek into their own mouth, patients get a better understanding of their oral health and steps they can take to improve it. It is essential to Dr. Shiflett and the entire team that our patients understand why we recommend treatment, and intraoral cameras are the best tool we have to assist in the explanation process.

Modern Materials

Advances in the world of dental materials have truly changed the game and allowed dentists to provide unparalleled service.

At Shiflett Family Dental, we use the best materials and dental labs available to make your mouth as healthy and beautiful as possible. White, tooth-colored fillings (referred to as composites) are stronger and more life-like than ever. Crowns made from zirconia give us a combination of esthetics and strength previously thought impossible. Porcelain crowns can be made to match natural teeth almost perfectly while still being resilient.

Our office uses these innovations to your advantage, making sure our valued patients get what they deserve!

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