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Tips for Eating with New Dentures

November 18, 2022
Posted By: Dr. Justin Shiflett

Dentures in Columbus, Ohio, can dramatically improve your smile’s appearance and your ability to enjoy various cuisines. However, new denture wearers should know adjusting to their prosthetic teeth may take some time. Just like when you buy a new pair of shoes, new dentures take some breaking in and getting used to. 

Here are some tips for eating with new dentures. 

#1 Start Slowly and Stick with Liquids

For the first few days, try to stick to a liquid diet that includes apple sauce, soup, pudding, and oatmeal. Immediately trying to chew a steak or corn on the cob can be painful and potentially harmful to your sensitive gums. It’s best to give it a few days to practice chewing with your new teeth as your gums heal and toughen up. 

#2 Chew Evenly

Many people chew on one side of their mouth without even realizing it. But with dentures, favoring one side over the other can make the prosthetic shift out of place. When you start eating solid foods again, chew slowly and evenly to keep your dentures stable. Over time, you won’t even think about it; it’ll all come naturally to you. 

#3 Beware of Hot Liquids 

Who doesn’t love a cup of coffee or tea to get their day going? Although you can drink hot liquids with dentures, please be extra careful if you have a new set or are new to dentures altogether. Dentures cover the gums and can have an insulating quality, making you misjudge how hot something is. Tiny sips are safest until you know it’s a suitable temperature to enjoy. 

#4 Cut Your Food into Small Pieces

While adjusting to your new dentures, it’s best to cut your food into small pieces, so it doesn’t put as much pressure on your gums. 

#5 Be Careful with Tough Foods 

Red meat and tough foods can be difficult to chew with dentures, so be careful when enjoying your favorite hearty meal. Other good protein sources are chicken, fish, legumes, and eggs. 

#6 Watch Out for Sticky Foods 

Candies, peanut butter, chewing gum, and some berries can easily stick between your dentures and gums and lead to irritation or infection. You can eat these items but thoroughly clean your dentures and mouth afterward. 

#7 Some Soreness Is Normal 

After getting new dentures, your mouth may be a bit sore, which is entirely normal! However, if the pain and discomfort persist or become severe, contact your dentist immediately so we can adjust your dentures and find a solution for your discomfort. 

Contact Your Columbus Dentist Today 

With a bit of patience and our guidance, you will be eating normally in no time. Learning to chew with new teeth isn’t a piece of cake, but we are here with you every step of the way. Before you know it, you’ll enjoy meals with family and friends without giving your dentures a second thought! 

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