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How choosing the right dentist can save you money

November 25, 2020
Posted By: Dr. Justin Shiflett
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There’s No Doubt About it, Dental Treatment in Columbus Can Be Expensive

At Shiflett Family Dental we know It stinks to be surprised by a dental bill, especially when you aren’t experiencing any pain associated with the problem. If it doesn’t hurt, there must not be a problem at all, right? This issue is a huge source of skepticism and mistrust within the dental industry. What many patients lose sight of, though, is that preventing problems or addressing them before they become painful saves you time and money.





Progression of Dental Decay illustration in Columbus, OHProgression of Dental Decay illustration in Shiflett Family Dental

To the left, you will see a couple of photos of a cross-sectioned tooth. The discoloration is a cavity that has progressed from the outside of the tooth into the center of it where the nerve lies. In the image on the left, numbers are superimposed to show the cost of dental treatment when decay has reached that far into the tooth. These numbers are general estimates that do not include dental insurance, but they are useful nonetheless. In the right-hand image, the labels represent symptoms (or lack thereof) associated with a cavity that has advanced accordingly.

Cavities Can Lead To Costly Dental Treatments

As you can see, when the cavity is small you likely will not experience any symptoms. At the same time, though, fixing it is at its cheapest around $250. The treatment for a cavity in this stage is a filling, and it’s usually quick and easy for the patient. By the time you start to feel sensitivity the filling to treat it becomes much larger or even possibly a more expensive crown. Once true pain starts, bacteria has made its way to the nerve and the cost of relief increases nearly tenfold to $2400. The reason for the price jump is your tooth now needs a root canal and crown. Unfortunately, this process also takes 2-3 appointments, cutting into your valuable time. The last stage of a cavity shown is where the decay becomes so extensive that we can no longer fix the tooth. At this point, we need to remove the tooth and consider replacement options. The most common and most recommended replacement is a dental implant, which will take a few months to complete and cost $4000-$5000. 

At Shiflett Family Dental we want to help you avoid all of these costs. With regular dental cleanings and x-rays, we can either catch problems when they are small or avoid them altogether. We have high-quality digital x-rays, intraoral cameras, and television monitors so we can show you the x-rays and pictures and walk you through what we see. It makes it so refreshing and easy to discuss dental needs this way, and you never have to wonder if you “really need” what the dentist tells you.

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If we catch a cavity in its very early stages, we can suggest dietary or oral hygiene changes to help stop its progression and prevent the need for a filling. Even if you end up needing dental treatment, though, coming to see us for your regular dental exam will enable us to find your problems when they are cheaper to fix rather than when they become more expensive.

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