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Environmentally Friendly Dentistry

June 16, 2021
Posted By: Shiflett Family Dental
TerraCycle program environmentally friendly dental office
As I am sure you are aware, the medical and dental industries aren’t the most environmentally friendly. To maintain clean and safe patient care, single-use paper and plastic products are frequently utilized. Gloves, masks, plastic barriers, suction tips, cotton rolls, and patient napkins all end up in the garbage can after each patient visit. It is an extremely difficult balance to ensure proper infection control and limit supply costs while still looking out for Mother Nature. At Shiflett Family Dental we care about our community and our environment, so we are doing all we can to find sustainable alternatives. 

Our Office Is Committed To Reducing Waste

One company we have found to help us with that journey is TerraCycle. They have a variety of recycling programs to help homes and businesses reduce their footprint. In our office, we have one of their Oral Care Waste and Packaging Zero Waste Boxes located in the waiting room. Patients can bring their toothpaste tubes, toothbrushes, toothbrush and toothpaste outer packaging, and floss containers to our office and drop them in the box. Once it's filled, we send it off to TerraCycle and they take care of the rest! TerraCycle does charge our office for their services, but we know how environmentally conscious the Clintonville and surrounding areas in Columbus, OH are so we are on board. The small financial sacrifice we are making is well worth helping us all keep oral care products out of a landfill.
Our staff lounge area also has a TerraCycle product to help us reduce waste. We use their Break Room Separation Zero Waste Box to help us get rid of different paper and plastic products that would normally end up in the garbage. Paper plates, plastic forks, plastic cups, and the ever-popular K-cups are the main offenders. Now, we don’t have to feel guilty if we need to fire up the Keurig for that shot of coffee in the morning to get us going. It is a good feeling to see that bin fill up and get shipped off to be recycled rather than added to a trash heap!
We are still looking into other items to help us reduce our environmental impact, but we figure this is a great start. Hopefully, someday we can eliminate more of our single-use products and become even more “green”. If you have any questions or have suggestions as to how we can be better stewards of our environment, give our office in Clintonville a call at (614) 262-1807. 
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