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Root Canals: Procedure, Purpose, Aftercare

December 12, 2021
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If your dentist diagnoses you with a root infection, you’ll need a root canal treatment in Columbus, OH to relieve any pain and prevent tooth loss through breakage or extraction.

Root Canal Procedure

The root canal procedure is straightforward and not scary, as the myths and jokes suggest. Remember, it is the infection causing you pain, and the procedure eliminates it.

The process often starts with a toothache, blister on the gum, and swelling at the infection site. If you’re fortunate and visit your dentist regularly, you can avoid the discomfort through early diagnosis—treating the issue before the pain and swelling set in.

If you present with a toothache, we consider this a dental emergency. At your appointment, your dentist in Columbus, OH anesthetizes the area, extracts the infection from your tooth’s canal, and closes with a temporary material to prevent reinfection and promote healing.

You come in for a dental crown or permanent filling to stabilize your tooth at a follow-up appointment.

Root Canal Purpose

The purpose of your root canal is to save your tooth, prevent the spread of infection, and relieve your discomfort. Most patients report feeling better immediately after treatment.

Root Canal Aftercare

Your dentist provides all aftercare instructions, but as a rule, you’ll want to avoid drinking anything hot until the anesthesia wears off. Additionally, you may experience slight swelling and discomfort later in the evening. However, this does not last long, and ibuprofen or a similar pain reliever is usually sufficient.

As part of your aftercare, consider prevention to avoid future root infections. Visit your dentist twice yearly for checkups, teeth cleanings, and brush and floss twice daily or following each meal. If you sustain tooth trauma, talking to your dentist before infection sets in is essential.

Your Gentle Root Canal in Columbus, OH

If you have a toothache or if it’s time for your preventive checkup and dental cleaning, contact our office to schedule.

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