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Why are my child’s teeth yellow?

Concerned parents often notice that their child’s teeth seem more yellow than they once were. There are a variety of reasons this change could have occurred.

Most often, parents notice the change around age 6 or 7, when the permanent teeth begin to erupt. The new teeth stand out and seem very yellow in comparison to the baby teeth. This color difference is completely normal and is due to the different make-up of the two types of teeth. Beautiful family with nice teeth in Columbus, OH

Teeth with more dentin have a more yellowish appearance. Baby teeth have less dentin than permanent teeth, giving them their bright white color. Once all of the permanent teeth have replaced the baby teeth, though, the child’s tooth color will be uniform and they will no longer seem so yellow. 

There are many other reasons a child’s teeth may be yellow or discolored. Their diet may include too many stain-inducing foods, or they may need help adequately brushing. Discoloration can also be caused by tooth injury, medications, illness, or improper tooth development. 

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