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What is a denture?

A denture is a tooth replacement prosthetic. It stands in for complete or partial tooth loss.

Complete dentures are gum-colored plates or arches fitted with prosthetic teeth. They fit over your natural gums. Gravity, suction, and the boney ridges of your jaw keep the complete denture in place.

Partial dentures are similar but hold only the teeth that you are missing. So, when you wear them, they complete your smile. Partial dentures use clips and remaining healthy teeth for added support.

Dentures can be removable or fixed. We use four to six dental implants for a fixed denture, also called an implant-supported denture.

Learn Whether Dentures Are Right for You

If you have complete tooth loss, your Columbus, OH, dentist evaluates you for a full denture and does the same if you need a partial. Typically, most patients are good candidates for dentures. However, your evaluation lets us know for sure.

If you decide to go with dentures, we take impressions, and a trusted lab fabricates the prosthetics. You choose the gum and tooth color! If it’s a partial, we take measures to ensure the prosthetic teeth match your remaining teeth.  

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