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What is ICON white spot treatment?

ICON white spot treatment in Columbus removes or diminishes the appearance of white spots on teeth. White spots can form from:

  • Poor tooth development
  • Demineralization, as with the beginning of tooth decay 
  • Orthodontic treatment with bracketed braces 

Teenagers with braces commonly have white spots around where brackets were placed on their teeth. These white spots or lesions occur due to the breakdown of tooth enamel, which we call “demineralization.” This is also an early sign of a cavity. Over time, these white spots can progress into more severe cavities and require a filling or other treatment. 

How It Works 

  1. We use micro-abrasion to expose the tooth’s tubules so we can apply an etching material to the tooth. This ensures the color-correcting resin properly soaks into the tooth. 
  2. We apply the special resin that forms a bond with the tooth’s structure. 
  3. We remove the extra resin and harden the remaining resin with a special light. 
  4. We polish the teeth to complete your new and improved look. After treatment, your teeth will look more uniform than before. 

ICON white spot treatment usually lasts one hour––it’s that easy! 

We Can Erase White Spots from Your Teeth  

Our team at Shiflett Family Dental wants you to have your healthiest, most attractive smile. And white spot treatment can help us accomplish this! With white spot treatment, we can gently and conservatively erase white spot lesions and enamel bruising. Call us today to schedule your appointment.

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