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How much does a root canal cost in Columbus, OH?

Sometimes, root canals are essential for saving your tooth and protecting your oral health. Rest assured that Dr. Justin Shiflett performs gentle and comfortable root canals in Columbus, OH.

Like with any dental treatment, the cost of a root canal depends on each patient’s unique situation. The only way to find out how much a root canal will cost is to schedule an appointment with your Columbus dentist. 

The Cost of Root Canals Vary

A root canal removes bacteria or infection from a tooth’s soft inner core, known as pulp. Sometimes, a root canal is the only option to save a tooth from being pulled or from someone developing an oral infection. 

Root canals can vary in cost, depending on several factors, such as:

  • The location of the tooth or teeth
  • Number of teeth needing treatment 
  • Complexity or severity of the infection
  • Type of restoration needed after treatment (i.e., dental crown, filling)

To determine the cost of a root canal in Columbus, OH, it’s essential you see your dentist for a comprehensive consultation. Your dentist can paint a clearer picture of your treatment, expectations, and cost during the consultation. 

Get a Comfortable Root Canal in Columbus, OH

Your dentist in Columbus, OH can provide you with the gentle and comfortable root canal treatment you need for a healthy smile. Shiflett Family Dental provides comprehensive dental treatment to patients of all ages. Whatever your family needs, we are here to help you! 

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