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Is teeth whitening safe?

It's clear why so many people are interested in teeth whitening. Few of us wouldn't want a brighter, dazzling smile. If you are hesitant about the risks of this cosmetic dental treatment, that's good! At Shiflett Family Dental, we recommend that patients research and understand all parts of a dental procedure before proceeding. 

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What Is Professional Teeth Whitening?

Professional teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures we offer. The bleaching gel erases stains and keeps your teeth whiter and more vibrant. 

Your Columbus, OH cosmetic dentist will fabricate a custom take-home whitening kit just for you. During your dental visit with us, we take impressions of your entire mouth, which we use to create your custom trays. Patients can apply a tiny amount of professional-strength whitening gel in the trays while in the comfort of their own home.

Is Teeth Whitening in Columbus, Ohio Safe?

The cosmetic benefits of teeth whitening are almost immediate, but what are the risks? Improper application can lead to moderate tooth sensitivity and irritated gums. Most often, this occurs when the whitening trays do not fit properly, as with one-size-fits-all store brands. In these cases, the bleaching gel may leak and damage gum tissue or enamel.

To avoid this, we highly advise that patients seek professional treatment.

Are You Interested in Whiter Teeth From Shiflett Family Dental?

At Shiflett Family Dental, patients don't have to worry about damage to their teeth and gums when whitening their teeth. We custom fabricate whitening trays to ensure a uniform appearance and less tooth sensitivity, Learn more by calling our dental office in Columbus, OH.

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