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My tooth was knocked out. What should I do?

First thing’s first: don’t panic. Accidents happen all the time to adults and kids alike, and our skilled team at Shiflett Family Dental knows just how to handle such an injury. 

When a tooth gets knocked out of its socket, the supporting tissues, nerves, and blood vessels are exposed and often damaged. However, the tooth may be able to be saved and replanted if you act quickly.

Dental Emergency First Steps

Here's what you do:

  • Rinse the tooth in water to make sure it’s clean.
  • After the tooth is clean, carefully try to reposition it back in its socket without touching the root. The tooth’s root is sensitive and can be easily damaged.
  • Once the knocked-out tooth is back in its socket, gently bite down to keep it securely in place.
  • If you’re unable to reposition the tooth in your mouth, keep the tooth moist by placing it in a small container of milk, water, or saliva.
  • The faster you address the issue, the better. Within 30 minutes of the injury, you must go to the closest dentists or endodontist. If you wait too long before seeking dental care, the tooth may not be able to be saved and replanted. 

Call Our Dental Office in Columbus, OH

Our skilled dentists at Shiflett Family Dental will be able to assess the damage and act appropriately based on your unique needs. Your oral health is our priority, and we strive to help each of our patients successfully and comfortably heal from any dental injury they experience. Call us today!

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